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Scott & Associates, P.C., as well as its clients, are committed to professional and honest dealings with all consumers.


We strive to provide a courteous and professional interaction each and every time. We understand that each individual consumer’s situation is unique and will do our best to work with you.

We offer multiple forms of communication, including online, phone, mail and email. We also have comprehensive programs in place to accommodate hardship circumstances, disputes, and fraud or identity theft. For situations such as these, please contact us by one of the methods mentioned above and we will work to address your matter promptly.

Consumers Options

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To offer settlement or a payment plan through this website.

Hardship Program

We ​understand that every person has unique circumstances surrounding their life.


​If you feel that you have been dealt with in an unprofessional way or have concerns about a recent dealing with this Law Firm.

Coronavirus (Covid-19)

We can work with you to modify, delay or extend payment plans. Please contact one of our representatives

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